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Our Mission is to ease the burdens of families with children with special needs by raising money for adaptive equipment not covered by health insurance.

We hope to build bridges within the vast special needs community by enabling families to reach beyond their own circumstances and into the lives of others with compassion and empathy.

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Fund It Forward is a volunteer run non-profit organization which believes that parents of children with special needs are strong, willing and able to endure daily struggles.
They advocate every day to help their children gain independence. Many things do not come easily for these families; they fight insurance companies to approve equipment, pay expensive medical bills, and sometimes even battle with medical professionals to get their children the excellent care they deserve.

Because of the constant battles to provide the best quality of life for their children, Fund It Forward believes these families deserve help in addressing their concerns: We help them obtain expensive medical and adaptive equipment such as augmentative communication devices, bathing and feeding chairs, enclosed beds or sensory equipment.
These devices can dramatically aid a family struggling to meet the needs of a disabled child.



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Sponsor a child in need, contribute to the
FUND IT FORWARD General Fund or organize a fundraiser. We will support you along the way!


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We will serve any child or adult with a diagnosed disability or medical condition who is in need of a medical device or equipment that can enhance his or her life.



Who we have helped

Trey suffers from as many as 100 seizures a day, Noah's family feared every night for his safety. Click here to read how FUND IT FORWARD has helped families with special needs children.