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Sponsor a Child in Need: Tyler

FUND IT FORWARD received this letter from her parents:

Tyler was born into this world a happy, healthy child.

He did all the normal things a baby does: smiling, cooing, crawling, standing and walking. But at the age of two, Tyler stopped eating all the food's he normally ate and stopped communicating or making eye contact. Two weeks before Tyler's 3rd Birthday, He was diagnosed with Autism, Sensory Disorder & Partial Seizures. Tyler went under intense Speech therapy, Occupational Therapy, & tons of doctor's appointments. While we maintained his doctor visits we had no clue the real dangers of what Autism could cause in his future. At five years old he wandered off a total of three times, 2 of those times could have been life threatening and were uncontrollable. Tyler escaped 3 locks ( a regular lock, dead bolt, and a chain lock) at 4 in the morning. It was scary. Tyler is now 11 Years old, and occasionally forgets his surroundings and attempts to walk outside without noticing where he is. He still has trouble with communicating and letting us know what he wants. We sometimes misunderstand his needs which results in him getting frustrated and having intense meltdowns that include things like banging his head on the floor or hitting himself.

I am trying to raise money to get Tyler a fence for the yard so he can learn a sense of boundaries and play in the yard without having to worry about walking off and getting lost. I am also working on raising money for devices that can track him if he does wander off. A "smartphone" would probably work best as it would allow us to use a tracking app. We could use an app like Angel Sense that would allow us to find him within 10 minutes. We also want to raise money to get Tyler a communication device. This communication device will help him learn how to express his needs without having the meltdowns and tantrums that could potentially hurt him. In the near future we also want to raise enough money for a security system with alarms for the doors and windows that can alert us if Tyler tries to leave the house.

Tyler is a very happy child when these things don't stand in his way. There are good days and bad days for Tyler. He is bright and very intelligent. Tyler loves movie production and Legos. His favorite school subject is Math. He loves to go bowling and swing at the park. I would love to give Tyler mores chances to grow and be more independent, while keeping him safe. Please consider donating to him so he can live as normal a life as possible.

November 2016

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