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Success Story: Levi

FUND IT FORWARD received this letter from his grandmother:

Four years ago, I brought my grandson home from the hospital. I knew from day one that something wasn't right. He was different. At the age of 14 months we got the diagnosis of autism. A while after that we were told he also has fasd. Life with Levi has not been easy. I had to quit my job shortly after he was two leaving only my husband to support the family. We have made our home a fortress of safety locks on dishwashers , ovens, doors and plexiglass windows. We do everything in our power to insure that Levi not become another statistic of a child with autism wandering out of the house and dying. Night time however is a different matter. What would you do if you knew that while you were sleeping, your child , who knows no danger, may be awake. Far too many autistic children have wandered to their death at night while their parents are sleeping. We purchased a tent bed. A small one. The quality was poor and he has actually ripped it and climbed out. Thankfully this was nap time and all was well. He is almost four now and needs a larger sturdier tent bed that will last him for years to come. The bed we need to purchase is Abrams bed by safety sleeper. We have given Levi everything we possibly can since the day he was born but we just can't come up with the 3000.00 dollars we need to insure his safety. That's where you come in. If just 600 people could donate 5.00 each, or 300 could donate 10.00 , we could keep Levi safe at night. You could change our lives with the price of a premium coffee or a fast food meal. Please considering helping our family get a good nights sleep and PLEASE SHARE on your Facebook! It's the only way I can reach enough people to make this work!

Thank you,
Tammy E.

March 2015


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