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Success Story: Ellie

FUND IT FORWARD received this letter from her parents:


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This is Ellie. Ellie likes the things all little girls like: puppies, books, music, dancing, and playing silly games with her big brother, Nathan. Ellie also loves going on adventures with her family, swinging in her adapted swing, and enjoyed playing in the leaves this Autumn season!

Ellie is a brave, intelligent, and funny little girl who was born with unique challenges. When Ellie was born she had very weak muscles called congenital hypotonia. Despite extensive genetic testing, Doctors still have no answers for Ellie's severe hypotonia.

During Ellie's first month of life she was intubated and was given a tracheostomy so that she could receive breathing support from a machine. Ellie also eats her food through a tube in her stomach because her muscles aren't strong or coordinated enough for her to safely swallow food. Ellie's mom has been able to blend nutritious food for Ellie so that she can get the nutrition she needs to keep growing strong and healthy.

Ellie is unable to sit up or hold her head up on her own so she has a special wheelchair she sits in. As she grows she will eventually have a motorized chair so she can be independent and drive around on her own. Ellie's family continues to hope that she will walk and they help her work hard at her physical therapy exercises. For now, only time will tell what Ellie will be physically capable of achieving.

Currently, Ellie's family is in the process of building a home that will be wheelchair friendly and accessible to Ellie and allow her to grow up with some independence. It's important to Ellie's family that Ellie is included in family and fun.

In order to give her the accessibility and independence she needs, our Ellie needs an elevator-- an EllieVator. Having the new home fully accessible will be important to Ellie's social and emotional needs so she can easily be included and treated as a normal part of her family.

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November 2016

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