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Sponsor a Child in Need: Conlan

FUND IT FORWARD received this letter from his mother:

Conlan was born into this world fighting at 29 weeks and has not stopped fighting since. During his 8 week NICU stay he received the diagnosis of PVL (cysts on brain that affects motor and cognitive function) and NEC (went into emergency surgery where 15cm of my 2lb babies' small intestine was removed because it died and placement of a colostomy bag on his ostomy.) That was the first, not to be the last time we were presented our do not resuscitate papers and also told our son was going to make it. He fought hard, went through every complication there was but he won the battle and the day he came home was the best, most scariest day of our lives!!

Conlan is now 6 years young. He received his diagnosis of spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy before the age of 1 and went on over the next few years to receive a diagnosis of Epilepsy, severe sleep apnea, severe reflux, scoliosis all on top of his PVL and NEC diagnosis and he alao has many other conditions such as asthma, inability to regulate body temperature, rupture of his bowels and many more. He has lived half his life admitted to the hospital and spent endless hours in PT, OT, swimming and speech. He even, against all odds was able to begin a half day of kindergarten this year!!!!!!!

Conlan is non ambulatory and non-verbal and when he was 2.5 years old he began forgetting words and abilities that had never came easily to begin with. Over the next 3 years Conlan lost ALL speech, all potty training, lost the ability to focus his eyes and grasp objects, began having seizures, lost his ability to scoot and lost SO much more. My son is 100 percent a different child. Doctors have no answers for us. He uses oxygen, a CPAP machine, has a baclofen pump, will have a g-tube in 2 months and many other meds and life saving devices. We have been to every specialist under the sun. Conlan has regained one thing and that is his GORGEOUS, CONTAGIOUS, LIGHT UP A ROOM SMILE! It was gone for 8 months but my little warrior wasn't going to let his happiness disappear. Conlan is a very happy, smart, loving young fellow. For Christmas, Conlan received an adapted switch and adapted toys and quite a few other special needs toys to help him begin learning all over again. Our only problem is we do not have a tray or table to set at his special tomato seat to help him use these blessings! Conlan’s regression has slowed down and he has shown itty bitty signs of progression (which are HUGE to us!) such as gripping and mouthing a chewie, even pooped on the potty. This tray would be LIFE CHANGING for Conlan. It would even allow his little sister and himself to play together!! Inclusion at its best ♡

As Conlan's mother I would never be able to obtain this for him. I care for Conlan 24/7, he does not receive a waiver in our county and is on a waiting list that is endless years long! As an only mother and solely financially and emotionally responsible for Conlan, I also have a 3 year young toddler with severe speech apraxia who spent 10 weeks in the NICU and I care for my father who is in stage 4 lung cancer losing his battle who also requires my constant care. When my parents divorced, they went their separate ways and I moved into my childhood house with the kids. My father later moving back in with us. The kids' father is ordered to pay child support however he works under the table and has not helped me with anything in over a year. We do not have internet access, a computer/printer or cable and survive off of my son and father's SSI. Please consider helping us with this tray that will be life changing in Conlan's life! Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you dearly,
Chryssy T.

January 2015

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