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Sponsor a Child in Need: Chaston

FUND IT FORWARD received this letter from his parents:

Hi, my name is Eli & my husband's name is Malcolm and we are the parents of a special boy named Chaston. He is 11 years old, and lives in Kailua Kona Hawaii. In 2008, he was diagnosed with SMS (Smith Magenis Syndrome). He was also born with a heart condition and has minute seizures. Children with SMS have disruptive sleep patterns, they can be very sleepy during the day and have trouble falling and staying asleep at night. Chaston has these sleep issues where he is tired throughout the day and has a very hard time sleeping and staying asleep at night, he wakes up often throughout the night, he is also an early riser. He lacks safety awareness so ever since he could walk, it's been a non stop battle to keep him from getting out of the house, especially while we are sleeping. We've gone through baby gates, door alarms,child safety locks to initially using real locks. Chaston has been sleeping with my husband and I in our bedroom from the day he was born. We haven't gotten a goodnight's sleep since then. We bought our home 2 years ago and knew that moving into our new place was going to cause some concern, and over the years as he's been getting older he's gotten smarter and the old tricks don't work anymore. Since we've moved in, Chaston has escaped twice from our bedroom while we were sleeping and has left the safety of our home. After the first escape we installed a special door knob on our bedroom door that can only be opened by key or code. He then got out a 2nd time when he was able to find the hidden key. Then we had to purchase a combination key box to keep the key inside, these new extremities also have posed a safety hazard for the 3 of us locked inside the room. We are wanting to get a Safety Sleeper for Chaston to help with sleepless nights and to keep him safe from harm, but are not financial able to get this bed for him ourselves, So we are asking for the help of Fund It Forward to help make this dream possible.

Thank you,
Malcolm Fujihara (father) & Elikapeka Kaai (mother)

January 2015

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