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Sponsor a Child in Need: Brett

FUND IT FORWARD received this letter from his mom:

I would like to introduce my son Brett who love to swim in pools. My youngest son, Brett, is 6 years old. He was born with a stomach birth defect that was fixed by surgery when he was a little over a month old. He also is diagnosed with hemiplegic cerebral palsy (he can walk), autism, is non- verbal, has sensorineural hearing loss in his right ear (that will eventually cause him to go deaf in that ear), and epilepsy. He has an older Brother named Brady.

We are requesting your assistance to obtain a pool for Brett for therapeutic reasons. Brett would benefit from it greatly. The water would help relax his stiff muscles, help with speech and cognitive function, increase fine and gross motor skills, assist with his sensory needs by providing an environment that emphasizes gentle and repetitive motion, and provides a calming effect and reduces enervating noises. My son is more focused and calm after swimming in the water. It will also help with his overall Central Nervous System function. I want to give him exercise, an appropriate outlet for his energy, and mostly so he can help balance his sensory diet needs. I have tried taking my son to public pools, but he does not do well in large noisy crowds and does better in a calm and quiet place.

My son Brett loves Elmo. He also likes to spin on his spin disc, play with his musical toys, go on his swing, and jump on the trampoline. He goes to occupational and speech therapy once a week. Brett also attends the most awesome therapeutic school for children with special needs, where he also gets to go swimming every other week. He uses an AAC device to communicate with since he is nonverbal. It has helped us tremendously. We also use sign language with him. Swimming may help increase the odds of a nonverbal child being able to speak, even if it is just a few words. I would do anything to have my son be able to say "Hi" "more" or "I love you Mom" on a consistent basis, even if it is just one of them. Please help us obtain our therapeutic pool for Brett. Thank you very much for helping us #SwimOn to reach fundraising goal!

July 2016

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