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Our organization was founded by two mothers of children with special needs who saw an amazing opportunity to help families with children like their own.

Many times, families must sacrifice time, money, freedom and sleep in order to provide a safe and secure environment for their special needs child. FUND IT FORWARD was born out of a desire to help families obtain the medical or adaptive equipment needed to create a functional environment for their special needs children. Rose and Jackie believe the majority of money raised by our volunteers should go towards the needs of the children and their families. They want to see families in situations similar to theirs benefit from this organization. Rose and Jackie donated their own time and money to start FUND IT FORWARD and vow to continue to keep the needs of each individual child as their primary focus and priority. If FUND IT FORWARD is unable to assist you with the support you are seeking, they will guide you to the right channels to receive aid. FUND IT FORWARD wants families to thrive and succeed regardless of their special circumstances.



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Co-Founder Rose Morris

Co-Founder Rose Morris with her son, Abram.
Abram was diagnosed with autism at an early age
which attributes to his need for adaptive equipment.
Rose developed a bed to help her son sleep well;
allowing the family to travel and still keep Abram safe.

Co-Founder Jackie Smolinski with her son, Luke who
has a severe form of epilepsy. His condition requires
round the clock care and adaptive equipment.
After years of insurance forms and fundraisers to meet Luke's needs, Jackie met Rose and the vision for FUND IT FORWARD was born.